About us

Following the success stories as co-founders of the interior and architecture studio “Muza”, Fitore and Njomza are enduring their long-standing dream of producing products. They have already created the first brand of “Muza Rugs” in Kosovo. This brand brings uniquely designed and hand-tufted rugs. With harmonic features and unique details, this brand re-creates and emphasizes our antique cultural and traditional values.

Our people, with a wide history of “mats”, will have the opportunity in a much more sophisticated and modern form, to enjoy the variety of colors and shapes intertwined together in a rug which will definitely have its exceptional role in warm family settings.

With tremendous enthusiasm and great dedication, these two young artists make possible, what may seem impossible. Their path, as two partners and two close friends, united in a common passion, idea, and goal! This makes the whole story even more enjoyable…